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Most Recent Video
Join Brad and Donnie in this film as they escape the Wildlands.This film documents our late fall 3 day canoe trip to the Queen Elizabeth II Wildlands 
where we were subsequently iced in. Our escape route saw us portage over 8km, mostly through bush and snowstorms and paddle a mere 1.5km.

Films on Tour Across Canada!
Water Walker

The Waterwalker Film Festival has commenced
the 2014 tour, and it was 
announced that three of our films received honorable mentions and will be shortlisted 
for the tour. 
You can catch a glimpse of us paddling the
Queen Elizabeth II Wildlands, the Florida Everglades and
the Sturgeon River, Solace Wildlands of Temagami. 

Check out the festival and our films if you have a chance!