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We are often asked what canoes we use on our adventures and what layup we prefer. The answer is far from simple, as we utilize different boats to meet the demands of the expedition. Find out more below or follow the link to learn more about Explore the Backcountry and its origins.


At Explore the Backcountry, we know canoes. Over the years we've had the privilege of paddling many types of canoes, from cedar strip, to fibreglass, to the latest composites and everything in between. We currently paddle a variety of canoes manufactured by London Ontario's own Nova Craft Canoe.
We are proud to paddle a truly Canadian craft.


TuffStuff- 55lbs - 17'

One word - Speed. Fast, light and efficient, the Cronje is our canoe of choice when paddling large open lakes or going the distance in an ultra marathon paddling race. If we want to haul some serious kilometers, the Cronje is out boat of choice.

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TuffStuff Expedition - 60lbs - 16'

The workhorse of Explore the Backcountry. As of late 2016, we've racked up over 2500km on this canoe. She's survived everything we've thrown at her from wild rivers, bushwhack portages and even a pin. She's taken us all over North America (Canada - USA - Mexico). If we're embarking on an expedition with unknown or varying water conditions you can be sure we'll be paddling the Prospector.


TuffStuff Expedition - 66lbs - 16'6"

Our go to whitewater boat, we use the Moisie on lengthy river expeditions and for playboating. We've deftly run solid CIII's with over 550lbs of man and gear aboard and the Moisie handled it impeccably. We love the rocker on this boat - the water shredding lines are sharp and effective! 

Those shape lines are visually appealing and slice through whitewater with ease, granting us confidence in maneuverability on technical runs.
Constructed of lightweight yet durable TuffStuff Expedition layup, it's not a pain to portage when the river turns too nasty. Ours is outfitted with thighstraps, kneepads and skidplates.

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