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Breaking the Nutritional Gear Groove

Trippers are a stubborn bunch. If they've paddled, trekked and explored for a good portion of their life, they tend to get stuck in a 'gear groove'. A gear groove tends to develop when one has become accustomed with brands and layups that they find work for them and are reluctant on branching out to try another brand. On a recent winter backcountry trip, I questioned my fellow trippers who were seemingly stuck in a nutritional gear groove. As they slowly gnawed at their half frozen processed bars, I posed a simple question: "Do you guys always eat those?" To which they replied, "Yah, they're cheap and we always grab them!" I then asked, "Does it taste good?" To which they replied, "Not really..." Which I followed up by asking, "Are they even healthy?" To which they replied, "Probably not, but food is food right?"

Fuel Right! Feel Great!

Wrong! Food is not food, especially when you're exerting yourself on trip and need to fuel and recover! Improper nutrition can leave one prone to injury, exhaustion and an uneasy stomach. Any seasoned adventurer will tell you it is incredibly hard to pack nutritious foods that won't spoil in the sun or freeze in the cold. Many resort to dehydrating vast amounts of fruits, veggies and regular foods, but the process is time consuming and difficult to make readily available grab and go solutions for on the trail. When I'm hitting the trail, lake, or river, a Hammer Bar is my ultimate go-to energy bar. As my stomach is churning from the ups and downs of the trail, the last thing I want to grab is a tasteless brick that will leave my stomach howling with gut rot. The refined sugars of other bars may taste great after a bite or two, but a few hours later, your stomach may unpleasantly remind you there are better available options. Made from organic, healthy carbohydrate sources and boasting digestion assisting enzymes, Hammer's Bars are not only healthy, but extremely tasty and filling.

On the Trail, er... Through the Bush!

As I munched on a scrumptious Cashew Coconut Chocolate Chip bar, my trip mates looked on longingly. So I posed another simple question: "Do you guys want to try one? I've got plenty to share." And with that, their nutritional gear groove was shattered. Good thing I packed a plethora of Hammer Bars, as they decimated my packed stock by trips end!

Fireside Fueling

The essential fuel for athletes, adventurers, explorers and enthusiasts. Fuel better, feel better! Want to try Hammer yourself? Save 15% when your order online by applying code 'explore15'

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