Trip Overview Map

Routes are currently within Ontario and South Florida only (The map is centered in Ontario).
Navigate around the province/state to view the routes. 

Only routes with video, articles or photos are posted on this map, (majority of trips from 2010 to present)  
Note: If the route links appear to be broken, it is a browser error. You can right click and open in a new tab/window or simply click on the link in the starting placemark (Tree/Hiker)

Guide to using the map
Trees are starting points for canoe trips (Blue Line)
Hikers are starting points for backpacking trips or side trails (Red Line) 
Routes are rough approximates of that taken (not GPS paths)
Campsites are not marked as of yet but following the general route will reveal campsites to the explorer
Links to videos, pictures and stories are revealed by clicking the route path or the placemark at the start of the route (Tree/Hiker)